Esa ( European space agency ) and Russia go to the Moon. A mouse is brought back to life through cryopreservation. Hypersonic missiles can reach 6150 km/h velocity ( MACH 5 ). An entire human brain can be individually simulated. Medical nanobots save many people who would now be considered terminal – diseased. Human organs can be printed and save even more lifes. China is the leading nuclear power in the world by this year. The debut of vertical farms fights food crisis. Masdar city hosts 50.000 people in a eco – friendly environment. Contact with Voyagers is lost.

Japanese trains can compete with planes in velocity. Normal plane travel for tourists is restored in the United States territory. There are 8 billion people in the world. A new weapon that will be used in the incumbent world war is the railgun installed on american military ships, their bullets can hit in a 100 miles wide area, ten bullets every minute at MACH 6 velocity.

This is the year of extensive fuel shortages, while Europe fights immigration through nationalistic governments. Europe experiences a spectacular aurora borealis. Romania is a dictature by now.

The neo – nazist country starts to invade and / or annex other countries by now. Meanwhile, Turkey occupies Armenian Trebisonda and / or Germany occupies Poland. Cable tv is gone and television broadcasting shifts entirely online ( on demand services ). Turkey annexes Syria or Greece / Cyprus by now.

Night of the Storming is a sacking of minorities and minorities ‘s shops, mosques/ churches, and burning of more than 200 buildings, in the neo – nazi country. More than 90 people die and 25.000 from minorities are arrested and / or deported.

The neo – fascist country may try to take control of Tunis and Somaliland. Romanian neo – fascist leader is killed by government opposition members before he escapes the country. Neo – nazism wins election in Lithuania.

This is the year of the start of Fusion Age. Putin is re – elected Russian leader. By this year tv series are broadcast only through internet channels. Fuel stations and refineries are attacked by the population in England. A new Intifada may erupt this year.            



The world experiences the worst refugee crisis in recorded history when Bangladesh people are led to an exodus for climatic issues. Bangladesh falls into anarchy and sacks of resources. The fashion industry is revolutionized by online design commerce sparked by the emergence of 3d Printing, taking just 7 minutes to produce a dress. Fashion shops are in strong decline, even in developing countries. Factories are rendered obsolete.

Observation of the sky and near – Earth space is 10.000 faster. 90% of asteroids are catalogued, even though 20.000 of them are newly discovered. Arthritis, asthma, anxiety – hunger and diabetes are solved by bio – electronics. A strong alternative to oil debuts: algal oil . Usa president elected in 2020 is re- elected now. A big terror attack or bombing in Spain – Catalunia / Mexican civil war.

Henry Windsor is the new king of UK. The prelude to a global war starts with a battle between China and Japan. Madrid or Mexico City experience a major terror attack during the civil war. Japan kills british Ambassador in China. Japan Attacks Shanghai, still recovering from the 2018’s colossal flood. Japan kills 300. 000 chinese people in a season.

Ireland is independent now. Nato launches airstrikes against ex Jugoslavian area but a truce is soon established. This is the year of the return of major riots against globalization. France experiences a nuclear reactor issue. Central Europe is engulfed by a major storm. George Harrison may die. This is the year Putin comes back to government in Russia.   


One city in UK in chaos as 70% of inhabitants lose their job. Neo – nazism and neo – fascism sign a cooperation Pact. Rich people can use supersonic jets. UK starts holo – tv broadcast. Tipping point for bitcoin. Turkey ‘s 100th years of Independence, completion of Istanbul Canal. Lost memories can be restored starting by now. Borneo jungle is gone by now. Charles Windsor dies and William takes the throne. New Japanese premier is a radical warmongering. First pilot – less helicopter. This is the year a Catalunia – Spain civil war starts or a civil war in Mexico explodes.

Syrian conflict should be over by now. Tiger is a very high risk of extinction. A new nazi – fascist – Asian axis is formed. Armenia and Georgia allowed in Eurasiatic Union. William Windsor cedes throne to Brother Henry. A new conflict erupts in Kosovo. A huge war may erupt in sub – Saharian Africa. A huge attack against two african Usa embassies is done.    


  • Israel – Palestine peace and cooperation is now possible / Korea reunion is now possible  
  • Chinese economy reforms
  • There will be in commerce a speaking peluche game with paid voice Actors to entertain children
  • First experimental fusion reactor in France
  • The first world cup in winter played in Qatar
  • China completes a space station
  • India has the most people in the world; rural areas powered by solar energy
  • Minor conflicts for the control of water basins happen around the world 
  • This year begins the decline of natural resources
  • Nanotech used by firefighters, policemen, against fire and chemical / biological agents 
  • The debut of piezoelectricity
  • Deafness is curable
  • Libia is divided in three: Fezzan, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica
  • Dictature empowers military air force
  • Europe ‘s first holo tv broadcast
  • Usa hit by devastating dust storms
  • Dictature reinstalls mandatory military service
  • New laws established in the dictatorial country against minorities
  • China calls for a united national front against Japan threat and invasion
  • First animal brought back from extinction is announced by science
  • The first space burial through space missiles
  • A new huge book saga starts a Worldwide mania
  • Hong – Kong achieves independency as a city – state
  • Queen Elizabeth II dies this year and the royal family of UK changes forever
  • Time is the first magazine with mobile pictures
  • Landmines manifacture and use is prohibited also in Usa, Cina, Russia, and South Korea 
  • Hong Kong fights avian flu with extermination of birds by the millions  


  • 2021 will be linked to 1996, 1989, 1999, 1977, 1934, 1984, 1980 and 1969
  • This is the year that Russia may collapse if Friedman is right
  • Israel – Palestine wall fall or Korean reunion possible this year
  • Even China may crumble into riots and revolution this year
  • This is the year robots start entering people’s homes
  • Costa Rica is the first nation completely carbon – neutral
  • Deliver robot change the whole industry and ways of life
  • India sends people on the Moon
  • Emirate Arab United ‘s mission to the Moon
  • Balcanic Pact is formed 
  • Manchuria area taken by Japan 
  • First prototipe of real Flying car is launched
  • 90% of citizens approve the neo – nazi regime
  • China acts to solve Japanese invasion
  • Black muslims find their cult in Usa
  • Dust storms ravage Usa  
  • A new food – based disease alerts the world
  • A secret market of chats and phone conversation for journalists is established
  • The first individual from a species brought back from extinction is born 
  • Nasa may find some primitive form of life in the Solar System


  • 2020 will be linked to 1995, 1998, 1988, 1976, 1933, 1983, 1979, 1968
  • The project of Consume Control will change the way of life of most of the modern world and China – There will be limitations in the use of cars, water for showers, plane travels and domestic consume of energy. For some years, tourism abroad will become a luxury.
  • 5 billion people on the Internet 
  • Texting by thinking telepathy devices
  • Asian debut of Holo – television and Worldwide debut of UHD tv
  • Beginning of genetic therapy against deafness
  • Tokyo Olimpycs will feature a manmade meteor shower show. But it may be marred by a terror attack.
  • Dubai expo
  • Between 2020 and 2021 India will send men on the Moon
  • This is the year of the boiling point for the return of Nazism and Fascism and generally for a powerful dictature / government : flashpoints will be Turkey ( MHP or Grey Wolves ), Serbia ( SRS – CPC Serbian Radical Party ) , Germany ( Pegida and NDP ), maybe Greece ( Golden Dawn ) and Russia ( Slavic Union ). Other flashpoints will be Croatia ( HCSP Pure Party of Rights ) , Hungary, Poland ( NDP, DNR ), Bosnia ( BPNP )
  • Russia starts space moon mining industry
  • China will have a space station
  • Japan, Turkey and Greece exit Nato
  • The future dictature will exile artists and political opponents, close feminism organizations, remove women from political jobs and start religious discrimination of minorities.
  • There might be an organized coup d’ etat by the dictator to achieve power.
  • Secret deportation of minorities will start now
  • The neo – nazi country will stop all parties activity and become the only allowed political force in that country
  • That country’ s parliament might experience a false flag attack
  • A secret police force will be established and the dictature won’ t allow any more commercial exchanges abroad
  • Minorities of that country will not be allowed to have children be born there
  • Japan may be marred by a biological terror attack during the Olympics
  • There may be a massacre comparable to Srebrenica of minorities
  • For the first time, a 3d printer will be able to produce an entire dress in 7 minutes. This process will lead to the decline of shops and factories.
  • Conflict may spark again in Bosnia   


  • 2019 will be connected to 1994, 1987, 1997, 1975, 1932, 1982, 1978, 1967
  • 3d printers will begin to be mainstream by this year.
  • Larsen B Ice Shelf will experience a final collapse
  • The first space outpost with humans beyond Moon 
  • Bionic eyes will be available for the blind 
  • Melanoma vaccine available
  • Wifi connection anti – collision will prevent 89% of car accidents
  • First automated trucks functioning 24 hours a day in some areas of the world
  • Jordan, a high risk country for earthquakes, will get a nuclear plant
  • Ireland may become an independent country
  • Japan ‘s emperor will get dismissed by May
  • Nuclear fusion experimental by now
  • Unasur, debut of unified market / trade in South America
  • China and Japan will be in conflict with each other
  • Iraq is freed from Isis extremism
  • United States will experience a new period of sandstorms
  • An Italian political icon may die this year
  • Another Italian politician will govern for at least 20 years by now
  • A series of massacres will start in Burundi because of a civil war
  • Mexico will experience an economic meltdown
  • There may be an economic flash crash comparable to 1987
  • Palestine will have its own Mandela and the social division issue will eventually be solved
  • Pope Francis may die this year; a Southamerican important politician may also die this year